3 oct. 2009

Food Process Engineering and Technology by Zeki Berk

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Table of Contents
Introduction – Food is Life
1 Physical properties of food materials
2 Fluid fl ow
3 Heat and mass transfer, basic principles
4 Reaction kinetics
5 Elements of process control
6 Size reduction
7 Mixing
8 Filtration
9 Centrifugation
10 Membrane processes
11 Extraction
12 Adsorption and ion exchange
13 Distillation
14 Crystallization and dissolution
15 Extrusion
16 Spoilage and preservation of foods
17 Thermal processing
18 Thermal processes, methods and equipment
19 Refrigeration, chilling and freezing
20 Refrigeration, equipment and methods
21 Evaporation
22 Dehydration
23 Freeze drying (lyophilization) and freeze concentration
24 Frying, baking, roasting
25 Ionizing irradiation and other non-thermal preservation processes
26 Food packaging
27 Cleaning, disinfection, sanitation
Table A.1 Common conversion factors
Table A.2 Typical composition of selected foods
Table A.3 Viscosity and density of gases and liquids
Table A.4 Thermal properties of materials
Table A.5 Emissivity of surfaces
Table A.6 US standard sieves
Table A.7 Properties of saturated steam – temperature table
Table A.8 Properties of saturated steam – pressure table
Table A.9 Properties of superheated steam
Table A.10 Vapor pressure of liquid water and ice below 0°C
Table A.11 Freezing point of ideal aqueous solutions
Table A.12 Vapor–liquid equilibrium data for ethanol–water mixtures at 1 atm
Table A.13 Boiling point of sucrose solutions at 1 atm
Table A.14 Electrical conductivity of some materials
Table A.15 Thermodynamic properties of saturated R-134a
Table A.16 Thermodynamic properties of superheated R-134a
Table A.17 Properties of air at atmospheric pressure
Figure A.1 Friction factors for fl ow in pipes
Figure A.2 Psychrometric chart
Figure A.3 Mixing power function, turbine impellers
Figure A.4 Mixing power function, propeller impellers
Figure A.5 Unsteady state heat transfer in a slab
Figure A.6 Unsteady state heat transfer in an infinite cylinder
Figure A.7 Unsteady state heat transfer in a sphere
Figure A.8 Unsteady state mass transfer, average concentration
Figure A.9 Error function

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